Premium Plan

Business Support

How we make it work!

Our Premium Support plans are designed to suit business clients who want to achieve fast and reliable IT support at a discounted rate comparing to other ad hoc arrangements.

The plan provides discount on labour rates in exchange for a small monthly fee. The discounted rate allows you to call for a technician for all aspects of IT direction and support.

Your computer and network systems will be scheduled for maintenance on a monthly basis to ensure maximum performance. We proactively look for potential problems and prevent them from happening.

Unlike Ad Hoc services where you need to pay for services upon conclusion, with our Premium Support plan you will receive prompt services first without worrying about costs. Services are billed on a monthly basis instead and you will also receive discounts and extra benefits.

Join our Premium Support plan today and start to see the difference!


  • FREE hours of IT services¬†every¬†month
  • Deeply discounted rate
  • Monthly system maintenance
  • FREE telephone email support and troubleshooting
  • FREE IT Advice, Consulting and Recommendations
  • Great discount on camera surveillance installation
  • Preferred scheduling
  • Flexible payment options
  • Remote support enabled for immediate assistance


Data is critical to any business. It is important to have an automated backup running daily.

As part of our IT Support plans, our technicians will set up a daily unattended backup to secure your data to an external hard drive.

A log file will be emailed daily to update you with the latest backup status.

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