Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services

Lost Your Precious Files?
Accidently Deleted Something?

It is surprising to see many home and business computer users do not have any backup setup in their computers. It is where you store all your family pictures, resumes, music and movies you spend months downloading, work documents and programs, financial packages like MYOB and so on. And imagine they are all gone because of a power surge, or burglary, or just a simple drop.

Data Recovery

If your hard drives have failed, or maybe your computer just crashed so you can’t access your data, or maybe your external drive dropped, let us check the drive and give you a quote for data recovery.

Automatic Data Backup

Backup is simple to set up and only takes less than 30 minutes. We can set it up so it runs automatically without user intervention to an external hard drive.

The earlier you bring your computer to us for data recovery, the better chance you have to save your data. Hard drive damage get worse over time if you continue using it.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, talk to our IT Professionals today to secure your valuable data.

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